It is the extra virgin olive that tells the Puglia with its most representative cultivar, the Coratina. Green in color with golden hues, it owes its aromatic notes of intense fruity and spicy aftertaste, to the very high concentration of polyphenols, very powerful antioxidants.

Intense fruity, broad and enveloping, full of hints of cut grass, artichoke and green tomato accompanied by spicy pepper notes. On the palate powerful vegetal notes of leafy vegetables on which chicory and thistle stand out. Bitter and spicy harmonic.


It is recommended on dishes with intense flavors and strong aromas; the bitter and spicy blend perfectly with legume soups, grilled meat, but also with bruschetta of homemade bread, sauces made with tomato and game, or even with pasta with meat sauce, chicory and turnips.


The “Coratina” cultivar boasts a thousand-year history on the territory. A true jewel of the peasant culture of Puglia, it is a distillate of good properties for the palate and health.