Delicate to the taste and the scent of spring, this extra virgin produced only by Ogliarola cultivars cultivated by us, returns the memory of a sunny countryside.

A typical variety of the Apulian territory, Ogliarola is known for its balanced softness, a property that makes it very popular and versatile.

Medium-fruity, elegant, with hints of almond and fresh grass. On the palate the vegetal notes are accompanied by a strong presence of almond.
Bitter and spicy are light, present and balanced.


It is recommended on delicate dishes to enhance their flavors, especially on raw or cooked fish, appetizers, delicate first courses, crustaceans and molluscs, carpaccio and boiled vegetables.


Widely spread throughout the Puglia region, the Ogliarola cultivar is perhaps among the most ancient cultivars of the Mediterranean area and the best known in the world.